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I requested a total of 64 accessions from TGRC last night.

LA0490, LA1708, LA1777, LA1781, LA1938, LA1995, LA2006, LA2093, LA2776, LA2777, LA2781, LA2839, LA2915, LA2934, LA2951, LA4026, LA4323, LA4326

LA3857, LA3866, LA3874, LA3883, LA3883, LA4231, LA4232, LA4233, LA4235, LA4236, LA4237, LA4238, LA4239, LA4241, LA4242, LA4243, LA4244, LA4245, LA4246, LA4248, LA4249, LA4251, LA4252, LA4253, LA4254, LA4256, LA4257, LA4259, LA4261, LA4262, LA4264, LA4266, LA4267, LA4268, LA4269, LA4270, LA4271, LA4272, LA4276, LA4278, LA4280, LA4282, LA4284, LA4310, LA4313, LA4314

These were chosen for various levels of disease tolerance, as standard references to compare other lines, and the Lycopersicoides introgression lines so I can run a cold tolerance comparison with some known cold tolerant lines collected from the U.S. and cold tolerant Russian varieties from Andrey.

In addition to the above, I had previously requested and have already received these accessions. These were picked for various traits including disease tolerance, for sampling S. Habrochaites to see how it performs in my climate, and to test for cold tolerance.

LA1342, LA1792, LA1940, LA1941, LA1984, LA2009, LA2144, LA2157, LA2175, LA2409, LA2552, LA2567, LA2574, LA2722, LA2812, LA2855, LA2860, LA2861, LA2864, LA2869, LA2963, LA4104, LA4135, LA4285, LA4453, LA4454

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