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Default Solanum galapagense

I grew Solanum galapagense last summer. The plants were tiny. They were almost like a woody plant instead of herbaceous. Here's what a young plant looked like.

I harvested a few very tiny orange fruits from them.

The instructions that came with the seeds gave detailed instructions about a complicated procedure that I should go through to germinate the seeds. That doesn't fit with my plant breeding philosophy, so I just planted the seeds as if they were normal garden vegetable seeds. After a long time, a few of them germinated. I want to select for varieties that can germinate without special conditions. That's the kind of selection that I do with any species I work with. Just plant them, hoping that eventually that will select for strains that germinate without special requirements.

A few days ago I planted seeds from fruits I collected last fall. They germinated quickly. That pleases me a lot. Seems like my selection criteria may be making a difference.
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