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Thanks so much Svalli! You really are as much of an expert as anyone, since you've tried so many ways of growing garlic.

I decided to dig down around one or two of them just to see how they are sizing up - and I think they are not at all finished, although the tops are large. So your advice is the best, this is what I will do, to put them outdoors still in their pots and let them continue as long as they can.

I'd like to find a place - or set one up - that's sheltered and sunny, where they won't be too shocked by the extremes especially wind we've been having not to mention frost. The leeks and other alliums both large and small that were in the greenhouse or indoors (seedlings) have suffered a lot of leaf damage on being put outside.

At least this time I'll wait until after Wednesday, 50 mm rain and 100 km northerly wind, talk about a bad day to leave the greenhouse.
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