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I have had great luck with Netafim woodpecker junior PC emitters.
0.5 GPH is about 1oz per minute. Use a filter on your water supply.
Check your local greenhouse supplier. Griffins is reasonable drive for me. They also sell them with 2' drip tube attached.
This attaches to a drip stake which sticks into the media. The drip stakes I use have 2 positions to attach the drip tube. One for water and one to block. This helps with subsequent years when things change.
A regular irrigation valve works well in this application.
I made my own timer from a RAMPS 1.4 controller, but that is waaaay overkill for what you are doing. It waters hydro solution 10 times a day, only when the sun is out....controls several valves, with menu driven controls..
Any irrigation timer should work.
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