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I have sixteen, 25 gallon containers on drip using dig brand timers. I prefer running the 1/2", black drip tubing to each circuit from the timers. All the fittings for the tubing are slip on and pretty inexpensive. I believe a 50' roll of the tubing cost about twenty dollars. I run the tubing on the ground along the rows of containers and using a tool they sell, I punch a hole in the tubing beside each container and push a 1/4" connector into each hole and run 1/4" tubing into each container. I don't like the adjustable spray stakes because they have a tendency to over water my plants. I can't adjust them low enough to not over water. I prefer using the 1/4" drip emitters in 1/2, 1, and 2 gallon per hour sizes. By using 1/4" tubing t's, I can place the water anywhere I want in the containers and set the timers for the duration which allows me to deliver the exact amount of water I need. Hot weather requires more water than cool weather, plus as the plants get large, they require more water. In the fall, they require less water. All adjustments are made at the timers which run all summer on a single 9 volt battery. It can all be purchased on the internet or a big box store.

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