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Originally Posted by RayR View Post
The Tomato plants were starting to look unhappy in those small cells, so a few days ago I started potting them up. As you can see from the pictures, the roots of the tomato seedlings grown in the DE were long, thicker, and fibrous. It was a lot easier to separate the seedlings in the DE than in the Jiffy Mix. It took a lot of massaging of the Jiffy Mix roots to minimize damage so I could get a fair comparison.
I think next time I do this, bigger cells would work better. I didn't expect the roots of the plants in the DE to get this huge. Anyway they are all looking much happier now that they are separated and potted up with lots of room to stretch.
Going back and reading this forum from the beginning, it is good to learn that DE can be used by people that enjoy DE. Yes, it can be used for people's survival methods if we were in a war or a natural disaster. I still would not trade in my Miracle-Gro Planting Soil. I am trying Pitt-Mott for the first time this year on Shepard Mallory Muscadine GrapeVine requested by a Local Pastor following his Growing Methods he wants me to use.
But I still want my Miracle-Gro, Amen!!. I guess it's easy to use for Female Farmers like me, and a Safe product for the Native Americans who mix this product with their own yard dirt.
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
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