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Some good and bad news, now 7 weeks out.

  • some BER on a few of the tomatoes, picture shown is worst of the bunch, others are less impacted
  • the Benevento and Amalfi Orange tomatoes have a lot of blossom drop, and no tomatoes beyond the first flower tier. The first flower tier tomatoes are large and looking great so far, and if the latest blooms drop I am considering just topping these and taking them out to make space (and will try again next year, correcting the soil mistakes)
  • my first tomato to begin color change is maglia rosa! 49 days from potting
  • several of the maglia rosa fruits in this setup appear to be much larger than what I see in the pictures of its thread here; the ones growing on my patio (not pictured) are closer to what I see in the thread - taiga has not had any blossom drop and continues to set fruit; the first fruit is giant and I think it was due to a fused blossom

My conclusion is now leaning towards what was earlier concluded by others more knowledgeable, the steer manure is to blame, and not my fertilizer ring.
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