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Originally Posted by MuddyBuckets View Post
Hi Worth

No fertilizer at all on the fig and I prune it only to control size. It grows to about 8' x 8' in a single season. Pruning is cutting it back by 2/3 on the longest pranches and shorter branches by about 1/4. It seems very healthy and makes giant leaves but never produces even one fig bud at a leaf node. This season I tried pruning to 6 nodes to stimulate branching and production to no success. Any other suggestions?

I dont have a clue, my guess is it may not be a brown turkey fig.
You will have to look up all of the types of figs to see what yours may be.
You might also try not pruning it at all to see what happens.
Some figs produce on last years growth and the new growth at the end of the season.
They also need plenty of water.

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