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I took the plunge and bought a fig tree this week. I wasn't planning to, but they had a bunch of them on the sidewalk outside the local Whole Foods grocery store. They all looked quite healthy and at $15.99 I just couldn't resist!

Apparently this is an annual item for them and you have to hit them at the right time because they sell out fast.

My choices were Brown Turkey, Italian Honey and Hardy Chicago. After doing some quick research on my iPhone, I went with the safest bet for my zone and took the best looking Hardy Chicago home with me.

It'll be carefully up-potted (I read disturbing the roots too much when the tree is not dormant is a death sentence), and probably wrapped and over-wintered in one of our sheds. My basement will be too warm and I don't want to risk it breaking dormancy.

I consider this my practice tree. Someone will need to inherit dad's trees and if it's me, I'll hopefully know how to keep them alive when the time comes!
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