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There are two figs here. One in the ground for 11 years and the other in a pot for at least 9 yrs. Whenever I prune either tree the pruned branches do not produce fruit until one more year goes by, sort of like a biennial. I would never prune more than half the branches of the in-ground tree in one year.

The potted one was getting too tall so I cut it right back and waited two years to get 12 figs from it this year. The pot could be bigger and it could be fed more but it still produced tasty, though smaller, figs.
I am going to feed it and give it some Morbloom soon. The one in-ground seems to do well on the compost I pile on top of the ground underneath the tree.

My fig is a green one I bought on sale at season's end one year for $3 , a Desert King. The watchful eye of the Warbler costs a little water in a fountain in the yard. Birds come to bathe then hang out preening in the branches and pick off any insects they see.

Nothing much bothers the figs around here except the rats this year, I think because I dropped one and forgot to go back and pick it up. A rat found it delicious, looked up and thought oohhhhh!
Poor rat went for the fig bait in a snap trap last night. Better than the meal of death in a box. RIP
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