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Originally Posted by clkeiper View Post
keep the black as far from the others as possible. that said... pfft. black ones spring up everywhere all the time. I haven't grown the purples so, I really haven't looked into their culture. if you get no answers here try your extension service or ask where you bought the berries from. generally they have an answer.

the other thing want to warn you about is overwatering.
raspberries only need about the top inch or so watered to damp. do not overwater or you will kill them. We have drip tape and sometimes it got turned on for too long and it actually killed the berries. I lost the carolines at the lower elevation and no one at the extension office could tell us why they were dead... guesses was what I got. Someone then told us they were too wet. So now we put a timer on the spigot and set it to water for an hour. that is if it is particularly dry out.

Thank you. I started planting them today. The black will be about 75-100 feet away. I’m also putting the purple by the black. Some places say to plant the purples away from the reds and other places say with. They will get the same pruning as the blacks so I just put them together.

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