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Originally Posted by Kazedwards View Post
So I just received an order of raspberries plants. I have 5 different varieties I’m wanting to keep in separate beds. I’m curious about the spacing of the beds. From what I have read I need 6 or so feet but that is mostly for commercial production it seems. I know they will spread too. I’m wondering if that spacing is really necessary because I would like to put them with 3-4 feet apart and a wood mulch path in between but I’m unsure as to how much of a problem that will be later on. My other thought is that I could make the beds farther apart and just have grass in between that I would mow. I also plan on having the beds for each variety about 2/3ish feet wide by 10-12 feet long although I only have one of each variety so I am counting on them spreading.

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Just seeing this thread for the first time. You may be setting yourself up for the same disaster I had many years ago. Trying to keep them in their own beds is like herding cats. In nice, loose, soil of beds that are not walked on?

My raspberries set our runners up to 8 feet from the mother plant, in one year.

Your counting on them to spread is likely an understatement.
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