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Thanks for the info on Autumn Britten. I order from Raintree all were bareroot but on that was in a 3”pot. So far Autumn Britten was the first to break dormancy. They are all planted not about 8 feet apart with field grass in between them that I plan on keeping and mowing. The black and purple from what I understand don’t really send out runners but root very easily when they touch the grown. Those are in a row on the edge of the garden. Actually Royalty the purple one is the only that has not broke dormancy yet but today I saw what looks like the start of it today. Also Autumn Britten had the strongest root system of all of them. It already had several runners sprouts. I know they have a name (maybe buds) but I can’t remember it right now. The beds will be 2 x 12 feet and I plan on mulching them with wood chips so I hope that will encourage to fill it out with the least amount of transplanting on my part. The grass is pretty tough too with roots going down 6-8 inches. I’ll mow down any that miss or don’t transplant. Actually on a side note I have a ton of mulberry trees coming up all over the place that I have been mowing down since we moved in. Our house was built over the summer and the majority of the property wasn’t mowed the entire time. I had someone go through with a brush cutter at the end of the summer. So they had about a years worth of growth. The mulberries are still out there and growing strong at about 5 inches. Persistent things for sure

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