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Originally Posted by BigVanVader View Post
My stepdad has a really old tiller, it is the easiest tiller you could ever imagine using. It is a one arm tiller that a child could use. I have a newer troy built rear tine tiller that makes you feel like you were trying to tame a wild bull all day after using it. Funny how technology seems to work backwards sometimes. It looks very similar to this and may be a Wizard brand tiller. It is so rusted nothing is visible just by looking it over, and yes it still runs.
I'm just going to ask this and not mean any insult what so ever.
The reason I am going to ask is I have heard this not only here but have seen people do it in real life.

Troy Built makes or at least did two different contraptions.
One is a cultivator and the other is a tiller.
The difference is which direction the tines go.
The tiller has the tines rotating backwards the cultivator has the tines going forward.
If you dont put the rear spike into the soil with a cultivator it will take off like a wild jackass.
With the tiller it has a depth control shoe that goes down.
You use this to control how deep you want to till.
I have what they call a dual rotating tine tiller that does both and has the wheel drive like a troy built and is rear tine.
If isn't like the reverse on a tiller it is made this way to do both.

I dug a 12 foot long 5 foot wide 2 foot deep hole in the yard with it.
Then put a board ramp in to get out.

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