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I grew Purple de Milpa many years ago. As I recall, it was strong flavored, and had small tomatillos just over 1" wide... but a lot of them.

For the last two years, I've grown John Wyche, an heirloom from Seed Savers Exchange. It came up as volunteers in 2015, and did better than when I started it as transplants! Fruit size was variable between different plants, with some about the size of Purple de Milpa (and showing a little purple coloration), to flattened dark green fruits about 2" wide. I may continue to select for larger fruit, but the plants with smaller fruit were actually the most productive.

If you are looking for larger-fruited varieties, you might want to try Adaptive Seeds. They carry a small-fruited purple race similar to Purple de Milpa, Cisinerors, and an even larger-fruited variety (Plaza Latina Giant) from Mexico.
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