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Originally Posted by joseph View Post
I grow landrace tomatillos, and notice differences in sweetness between some varieties some of the time. I tend to prefer smaller fruits, about 2 to 4 ounces, because they ripen quicker in my short growing season.

If I were in your shoes,I would do the same Joseph.I am lucky tho,to have a long season,so I don't have to add early maturation to the list of varietal considerations.

Originally Posted by AlittleSalt View Post
I'm growing

Purple de Milpa
Verde (Green)

I'll let you know how well they grow for us any differences we find in them.

I will look forward to hearing how those work for you.I am still undecided on a Purple (as stated above) but I really do think I would like to give the Cisneros a whirl.I'd like to try the Plaza Latina Giant that Zeedman mentioned...but I will have to give that some thought.It would help if I knew how much I am going to use...and enjoy them.

Decisions decisions..right?

I soiled my plants.

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