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I also love forest mushrooms, and even more, I love the hunt for them! What better excuse to go crawling around in the woods, or for always having twigs in your hair.
We have two kinds of chanterelles here, the golden and the winter chanterelle, and we have two kinds of teeth mushrooms which are favorites, the big one repandum and a smaller, foxy type which is tasty. And we have the matsutake here - again, two types, both are excellent and deeply aromatic. I would rather clean them than eat them (if I had to choose!), the smell is so intoxicating and released with every cut. Our boletes are widely scattered but we do hope to find a few on those long hikes. I learned about our local boletes from a friend whose mother was German. They had the culture of collecting boletes and other mushrooms, which we didn't have here. It's hard to find B. edulis that isn't already attacked by larvae. But we have the bay bolete (B. badius) here which is equally tasty, less affected by the bugs and also more reliable. We have eaten a few odd boletes that never could identify for sure, and never found the same one again.

There are quite a few other edibles around but to be honest, we pretty well stick with the faves. All depends whether by "edible" you mean "will not kill you" versus "you're gonna love it!"
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