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CHOPTAG Plant Swappers/Sharers
Here’s what I have so far to share. Numbers at end of name means how many plants I have to share. So get them before they’re gone. If anyone wants any of them I’ll edit and put your name below plant’s name so it will be easier to keep up with who gets what.

Gregori’s Altai =4 left
1 to Tim

Kimberly =4
1 to Tim

Lime Green Salad =3
1 to Tim
1 to Amy

Mano =5

Polish Dwarf =3
1 to Tim

Praleska =8

Tumbling Tom Red =6

Red Robin =4

Plant info incase plants are new to you.

Gregori,s Altai 67 days Ind. Siberian Slicer. Large 4, purple/red, 8-10 oz smooth meaty fruits. From the Altai mountains near China. Siberian variety that originated in the Altai Mountains on the Chinese border. Tall plants are heavy producers of 8 to 12 oz. pink-red beefsteak tomatoes. The flavor is sweet yet acid and just delicious, with harvests continuing over an incredibly long season. Indeterminate. 67 days.

Kimberly [Craig LeHoullier info>>>] Bill Malin mystery potato leaf, 7-May planted; ripe on Jun 15 - 38 DTM [Days To Maturity], expected pink fruit got red, healthy, fruit set Incredible, healthy, will be a large cherry or small salad. 4 feet tall, loaded with red round small fruit, ripening , the early stalwart, ping pong ball red sweet fruit, lots of them and early.] -buds on 2-26-06, 40 days from planting seeds.

Preleska. [Andrey info >>>]early, determinate red, introduced by Belorussian Institute of Vegetable Gardening. 3-4-5 oz. Good taste, 106 Russian days [to ripe fruit from germination], meaty, round, very tasty, 12-15 fruit in a cluster, 24" , F resistant, Belarusian 60/150/7

Lime Green Salad--- Diminutive plants bloom with bouquet-type sprays followed by loads of small lime green tomatoes that ripen further to amber. 3 to 5 oz. fruit is chartreuse inside and full of juice and good, tangy flavor that is somewhat spicy. This is a wonderful variety for growing in containers since plants stay small yet provide a big harvest. If planting in the garden, put these in front as an attractive border. Very tasty and novel variety. Determinate. 58 days.

Mano: [55 days, short determinate that ripened earlier than SFT for me. Tastes Great! From Gezain in Hungary. via Brian Sanders, Oklahoma:] [Mano determ. 50-60 gramm a very early rapidly growing excellent inner qualities]

Polish Dwarf [Victory Seeds Co. info]
60 days, tree-type — An early season, tree-type plant with rugose leaves, it reaches 24 to 30 inches tall and produces one to four ounce, red, globe-shaped fruits that are slightly indented at the stem end. Very productive and keeps producing throughout the season. Originally from Poland, our parent stock source was donated to the USDA's gene bank in February of 1965. The USDA ARS accession number PI 304398.
Barbee, here is what info I have on Lescana:
75-80 days, indet., regular leaf plant, good yield of large red beefsteaks, 8-17 oz, good old-fashioned flavor, don't let it overripe - it's gets mushy, best flavor when yellow shoulders still show and the fruit is firm, from Geza Korbely, Hungary 2004, Romanian heirloom
Lescana? Giant Romanian pink heirloom
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