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The seed store I bought my Tillage radishes had them labeled Torpedo Daikon radishes.I have a 1 pound bag but only used maybe less than 1/4 pound.Next year I might plant rows 6 to 8 inches apart instead of just tossing them like grass seed.They're supposed to get large but I had to wait 2 weeks to get them in as the supplier was out of them.So I planted on the 15th of Sept. instead of the first week as I planed,I hope they get large enough to do what I wanted and that is to break up my soil and continue to do no till.This is the first time with this type of cover crop.The past 6 years I have used hairy vetch and winter rye but the root system is very thick and takes a while to break down so I could plant.It should frost at the end of October,so I'm wondering if they will very large but I think they will do the job better than past cover crops.

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