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Originally Posted by Tom Wagner View Post
Just now getting around to read the comments about CHOCOLATE STRIPES. I saved seed from it last year from a fruit given me. I didn't know much about it and now that I read that my creation..SCHIMMEIG CREG....was involved somehow in the pedigree, I had to make a comment or two.

I thought that one of my striped tomatoes was involved but I doubt if a pink tomato was the other parent, one just doesn't get brown/black/chocolate from that source. Crossing a Schimmeig Creg with another brown/black or a green flesh tomato would come up with that coloring that Chocolate Stripes has. The other fact about the striping is that I feel that most of the improved striping of tomatoes came from a single collection I made in Ames, Iowa in the 1960's. The striping of that collection was not good by today's standards and it was improved through the many crosses and recombinations that I made to fix the trait. This improved striping exists in the early varieties I created...Green Zebra, Schimmeig Stoo, Elberta Girl, etc.

thanks to Heike and Reinhard 2006 Gartentagbuch

Schimmeig Creg was bred for the beauty and firmness and was designed to be a canning tomato on the family farm near Lancaster, Kansas. The flavor was from a selection from the USDA, or make that the seemingly lack of flavor. It was still good enough for what our family needing in canning whole tomatoes, juicing and ketchup. I also was after a type of mechanical harvest friendly tomato....jointless pedicels, thick walls, few locules.....etc.

A cross I would like to make soon is one between Chocolate Stripes and Chocolate Blues..which is unrelated but a chocolate colored stripe with blue shoulders.

Tom Wagner
Tom, you don't know the listed SSE members, I don't know all of them either, but I do know Al Anderson, by reputation, and without going into it his reputation is not sterling and I would have some doubt as to what he says, or says someone else has said to him.

I already pointed out above about the pink possible parent, as did Travis I think, no way to get what's being called Chocolate Stripes, dark colored. Maybe your S Creg, I can never spell it, was involved but there have been lots and lots of striped ones around that post dated S. Creg.

I went to Amishland to see what Lisa had posted since I knew that early on many had bought seeds from her for Chocolate Stripes.

I don't know why I did that b'c her site is filled with so many problems as to facts about tomato histories, where she got the seeds from and so much more. And I should know b'c for the past couple of years she's been listing Amish Potato Leaf and Todd County Amish and there are only two people who know the background on that one and that's Doug in MN who got both varieties, sent the seeds to me and we both decided on names for them. So when she says no clear history, etc., she wouldn't have a clue.

But it's typical of her to kind of be inventive. And she's listed many other varieteis that I introduced and when freadining what she says, I just wince.

Sorry for the mini rant but when she initially called Green Grape Eenie Weenie Greenie and Cherokee Purple as Native American,, well, I don't go to the website unless asked to b'c it just upsets me.

Carolyn, rant over.
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