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So far this year, I have canned 21 pints of salsa, 14 quarts of chunky applesauce, 7 quarts of bread n buter pickles and 7 quarts of dill pickles. Haven't canned anything with meat this year. I used to do all the canning, but then my husband and I have been canning for together for the past 5 years. Now, there are times I have to leave and go to my part time job and he can just take over.

If I had more small cukes, I would put up more pickles, but the season is just about over here for that. I will be making some peach habanero jam in the next week or two. And I plan on taking some of my late season tomatoes and freezing them as I didn't can any whole tomatoes this year.

I've been buying those very large cans of Italian Plum tomatoes in sauce with basil. I make spaghetti sauce for dinner with one third to one half of the can and then freeze the rest in storage bags. Works out great!

Past years, I have also canned spaghetti sauce, peaches and tomato juice.

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