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canning "season" to me is when you have a batch big enough to can you do it even if it is left overs from supper so it doesn't go to waste. it is feeding my family from one season to the next... without buying everything at the store. which I couldn't, as it is, since we seem to have sensitivities to onions and dyes. it is the security of knowing there is food prepared enough to make something without going to the store for even one ingredient if I don't have to. I hate Winter and snowy roads. I don't go out if I don't have to. If I do it is so early that no one is open yet... not enough to justify a stop at a big box store with only one cashier there on their 30 registers, grrrr!, I think this year with the hurricanes it is leaving what is there for someone who can't or doesn't grow their own and it would be wasteful to not can/freeze what is still out there to get us through the seasons until it is growing again next Summer. grapes for making grape juice today. I have 2 bushels of them. there is a bushel of beans in the cooler. I wish I could give them to one of you as I canned 3 bushels last week. I don't really need them.I think I have 40 quarts in the pantry.
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