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Originally Posted by ChristinaJo View Post
I am looking for the most heat tolerant runner pole bean. Would it be better to grow them in the fall,since I live in Northeast Texas?
Here's a photo of those Tennessee Green Pods, a "bush bean" but with runner tendencies. That's a 40" tall piece of fence I had to put behind them.

The Shumway catalog description includes:
"Highly recommended for hot, dry growing conditions. When other beans burn under extreme heat, the Tennessee Green Pod continues to produce a large, vigorous crop of 6" to 7", medium-dark green string beans."

I bought them to try as I was also looking for heat tolerance. They are a 50 day bean. It's been a cooler and wetter May than normal so yesterday I planted another 18' row to see how they do in June heat. Might also try some in the fall along with the Contenders if they bear well.

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