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Swampy sent me a pack with a few hundred seed of this bean several years ago. I was not able to grow them until 2013 but none of the seed germinated that year. I started all my remaining seed in 2014 using protocols to revive dead or near dead seed. I wound up with about 10% germination on about 400 seed. That gave enough plants to put in a 40 foot row and produced enough seed to send to Sandhill which they listed in the 2015 catalog.

The bean seed is nearly round which is unusual in a temperate adapted bean. I've only seen the round trait in tropical beans before. It is a good flavored snap bean with rich old fashioned flavor. As noted by Sandhill, this bean really shines for freezing.

I highly recommend growing this bean if you are looking for a rich flavored snap bean. They can be shelled in the green mature stage as well.
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