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Yes, easy to start from store bought. I purchased three varieties
of organic, ate 2/3rds of each, then tooth-picked the top 3rd from
each....the cut end into water. Some lay a cut whole half lengthways into
water. They sprouted easily. Many methods. Just need to change to
fresh water often...every few days. Start more than you need. Average
one in 5 will rot. Easily 5-15 plants/cuttings from each.

Lots of info if you google.

This past season was my first try so I did not want to use too much
garden space being in such a short NEast growing season. If it worked
for me it would certainly work in Texas. Mine grew more fingerling size.
Like a fat carrot and 6-8 inches. Still worth it.

2081 I'll have to pot up mine in April-May so they get a head start while
waiting for warm soil.
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