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For some reason, nobody really seems to be putting in the research/testing in trying to eradicate Verticillium or Fusarium from soil at least for tomato gardening.

I've been slapped around on gardening forums for giving (or repeating) advice on topics which I do not have personal experience. I may still get raked over hot coals, but just please realize I am NOT speaking from experience here...

Dazitol is a mustard-based, organic soil drench used against Root Knot Nematodes and is also listed to have some effectiveness against soilborne fungus.

Actinovate is a possible approach to "out-compete" the bad funguses, and this website (link) lists Fusarium.

RootShield is listed for fusarium control.

MycoStop is another OMRI organic product which is listed for fusarium control.

I looked at Exel LG, which is the first systemic organic fungicide, but I believe its claim to fame is foliar and root rot so it would be great for Early Blight and the dreaded Late Blight, but not so much on V of F.

Again, I don't know the efficacy of ANY of these products against Verticillium or Fusarium, but the point is, 10 years ago there were no solutions. You had to stick to the same hybrids year after year, or rotate crops, or do some serious soil fumigation. And I have to think that some combination of the products above might kick some Fusarium or Verticillium butt. Unfortunately, it's hard to find some of these products as they are made up in small batches. It's still difficult to compete against the big chemical companies with organic alternatives.

I'm glad I don't live in an area affected by them, but if I was, I would be trying these products, especially since they're organic.

Again, I do not have any experience with V/F/N or any of these products, and normally I would not post about them, but I just didn't want to see this thread get ignored if there are products which might help. Hopefully one of the many people who are far more knowledgeable about these products than me will shed some light.
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