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If your intent is to make (anything approaching serious) money off your breeding efforts, I can only think to offer the following suggestions:

Don't free-share your F1 seeds with anyone.

Don't free-share your F2 or early f-gen, still segregating lines.

Don't distribute for free your finished, stable lines.

Create your own Web site, and sell your seeds for 100% of the gross.

Go to the expense of PVP-ing your best stuff.

Only distribute seeds for cooperative grow-outs under rock solid contractual seed agreements.

Only sell seeds to seed vendors in small bulk lots under exclusive agreement deals at 25 to 33% of retail price (or some similar "consignment" price point).

Or only sell F1 hybrid seed at 50c to $1.00 per seed.

Or only sell plants at the highest price the market will bear.

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