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I am not so sure about all this. Some very valid points. Don't get me wrong. But we are talking business models here.

To me the issue with a breeder making a business model with OP is that it is a specialized small market with fierce competition that can be easily "stolen" by simply saving seeds.

BUT That assumes your business model includes mainly seeds as its primary revenue stream. I believe, (I have no proof as I haven't done it personally) the best way to restructure the business model is to view it simply as a revenue stream that is part of many related revenue streams. Seeds, seedlings, and tomatoes at market, and possibly even processed product.

I think that is where "peppadew" found a niche. Sure we can grow them, but the manufactured product of peppadew pickled peppers still makes the company money. So if you take that model and throw out the unsavory parts of it, keep the good parts of the model, and combine it with actual breeding of new varieties. Then add up the many income streams resulting (even though some of those income streams may be small). I think it is possible to develop a business model that way.

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