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I'm still out of town, but was checking in, wanting to find out how everything went!

Annie, I'll drop you a note offlist ... we can wait until you get back to try and get together.

GTG, as I recall, you're out of town this coming weekend (April 6-8), and we're out of town the following one (April 13 - 15). My calendar is dotted with travel weekends during the next few months, but I'm willing to take a stab at getting together on one of the weekends we're in town.

Bugsy, if we were to get together sometime *after* the weekend of April 15, could you make it? Where do you live? I'm guessing that the Sacramento area NORCATTers may not be able to join us if we do something down in the East Bay, but it would make it much easier to make sure GTG is not left out if we do it someplace BART-able.

Bruce, sounds like we'll all do better if we wait some... what does your calendar look like for weekends after 15 April? I'll go over your list and pick some out before that if you still have plants to share. If you're out of some, it'd be great if you could make an updated list. Just let me know.

Diana, Angelique, Bob, and anyone else including stealthy lurkers -- would any of you be game to come down some weekend day after 4/15 if we held another plant exchange in the Oakland, Berkeley, or Concord area? Any of those should be pretty accessible to GTG. Bruce can probably give us an estimate of driving time from Sacramento to Concord.

It's not that I am enamored with the East Bay as much as I'd like to make sure that GTG can attend. We might luck out and be able to hook up with Brad, as he sells at the Oakland Farmer's Market each weekend.

So, folks, let me know if you can do another get-together, and we can go from there.

(will be home by 4/7/2007)
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