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Default Hello Fellow Floridians

We are relatively new Florida residents...well, snowbirds anyway. Looking forward to meeting some of you folks at any upcoming Florida TAG gatherings and/or Plant Swaps.

I was able to get the garden going here in Florida about the beginning of November. The plan was to start some tomato seeds in Missouri, for transplanting in Florida.

Unfortunately I discovered that my entire seed collection was ruined through the incredibly STUPID move on my part of my seeds winding up in extremely moist environment. This past summer I was starting some grape cuttings, and had the ends of the cuttings wrapped in wet paper towels, getting them ready for the move to Florida. Well stupid me, just ups and throws the wet cuttings into the sealed plastic tub with all seeds. Needless to say, all those seeds just loved the hot, moist environment inside that tub, and the mold grew rampant. When God was handing out Brains, I thought he said Trains, and I said "No thanks, we'll just drive on down to Florida"

I am in the SE Tampa Bay area (Sun City Center). If anyone has any heirloom tomato seeds they could share, that does well in this area, please shoot me a PM, and I will get a SASE off to you right away.

I recently participated in a pepper seed swap, and I received way more than I can use. I would more than happy to send some peppers seeds along as a small thank you. I have quite a few different varieties.

Thanks all...

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