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Originally Posted by kimsbug View Post
Hi all, I'm new to Florida (at least living here full time anyway). I've been growing heirloom tomatoes for about 8 years in Missouri. I haven't gotten my garden area ready yet but plan to do so next week. I realize the varieties I've been growing there may not do so well here so if anyone has any specific varieties they've done well with, please share the names with me I'm near Brooksville, an hour or so north of Tampa.

Thanks to all and happy gardening!
I have a seed offer going right now, for Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. All are growing right now in South Florida, and doing well. The plant out timing is the most important thing, and due to Florida's nematodes and the terrible root knots they cause with subsequent malnutrition, many of us garden in containers. I use Earthboxes because they are completely closed off at the bottom, and are self watering.
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