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Just in case anyone searches Djena Lee, I got seeds for this one about 20 years ago and it appears in my garden about every 3rd year. My original seeds yield a very slightly heart-shaped (taller than it's diameter) yellow-orange fruit, about 6-12 oz.
I ordered from Tomatofest this spring, and included one called Djena Lee Round, which supposedly differed in that the tomatoes are more perfectly globose.

I thought there was as much normal variation as there was difference between them, and this year, I couldn't have told them apart, flavor wise. A 10-12 ounce Djena is as wonderful sliced as any other kind.

My wife and I can our excess tomatoes and Djena is represented on the shelves; we don't use it for sauces that most expect to be red, but like them in soups.

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