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Originally Posted by NewWestGardener View Post
LK2016, My Rosella fruit are in big clusters, on very very tall plants (double others in height) but the fruit is very small. I don't know if this is just my growing conditions or this variety just produces smaller fruit, smaller than other cherries.
What is yours like?
My Rosella plant also grew very tall. I feel like it outgrew itself, actually, because even though it produced well at first and flowered like crazy, it really crashed. A lot of the flowers did not set fruit and the plant seemed to suddenly just run out of steam and collapse. Yes, the fruit is small, and seemed to get smaller as the season progressed. I really like the flavor, although I wish it lasted longer - it's kind of a burst and then over. The fruit was very good, and the plant initially promised great vigor, but at this point in the season it has turned into a bit of a dud.
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