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That’s awesome! Where did you get your seeds, Dan?
Originally Posted by Yak54 View Post
First time Gems for me this year are Rosovye Krupnye and Lucky Cross. Rosovye Krupnye so far has produced 40 tomatoes with probably a dozen more to ripen in the next two weeks. 4 tomatoes have weighed more than 30 oz. each with most of them slightly more than a pound. The taste is very good to my taste buds and I will be growing this one again for sure. And I've wanted to try Lucky Cross for 5 or 6 years now but never did until now. Wow, what a fantastic tasting tomato. So far it has given me 24 tomatoes with 6-7 more that should be ripe by the end of my growing season. Largest one was just a freckle under 27 oz. Fabulous unique flavor and it has made my "grow every year" list.

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