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Originally Posted by surf4grrl View Post
It would've been progeny of the cross, no? And would require stabilization - not be offered a few months after the cross was found. One of those segregants in my photo matches sweet sharon exactly.

This is what I'm wondering about. There are so many different stories about Sweet Sharon, I'm sitting here looking at all the different posts and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe someone can help me make sense of all this?

Is Sweet Sharon a mutation like Marianna's Seed website says?

Or is a cross that he is trying to stabilize?

I think it's interesting that in your post about the shapes of Sweet Beverley he seems to imply that he has never seen a white version of Sweet Beverley.

That was in 2011. Then in 2013, the same post, he says, "No, I have had them a long time before that thread, I just wanted more stability"

March of 2012, Sweet Sharon was an f6 and very stable.

But in April of 2012 Sweet Sharon it was only an f5 and just quite stable.

Can a tomato become less stable over time?
Maybe that's how all these "sister" lines are magically created!
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