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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Alex, I'm looking at Glenn's 2017 catalog right now and what I see is the following.

For seeds, Roots and Book orders

Shipping and Handling for US seed orders, $3.00 US only

Foreign seed orders ( Canada, add $8 US, other foreign add $10 US/order.

I didn't look at the new site since you had said "over the last several Years".

I don't see anything saying via Money orders at all. And most of my friends in Canada,which are many,keep US cash on hand or can get it from a local bank.

Where have I gone wrong,always a possibility,such as can you have a money order made out to send to Glenn and Linda in US dollars?

Tania sends all over the world, that I know,so does Jeff Casey, but there is one place, has Heritage as part of the name that won't send to the US, so what folks do is to have that place send what they order to someone in Canada,who will then repackage it and send it to the US.

I know part of this is related to Canadian/US Customs, as to shipping anything live, like roots,etc, from US to Canada and having to have a phytosanitary certificate to do so, which is too expensive for any single person to do.

Just trying to be helpful, but maybe not.


They insist that orders from Canada be submitted in US funds which is fine, but since they do not have an on line payment option it means going to the bank to get a money order or draft and in today's electronic commercial transaction age it is like asking to use the old rotary phone to make a call. The tellers look at me with puzzlement and anxiety!! It takes ten minutes before they can find the forms and the right person, usually my age, who knows how to fill one out.

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