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Default 2015 Party Recap

Well the party was huge success! We had had an excellent turn out and great weather. I'm not sure all told how many people we had but coming and going we must of had at least 70 people. I know we went through 175 meat on a sticks, 40 hotdogs, 35 Italian sausage, a couple club packs worth of chicken drumsticks, a few lbs of pulled pork and plus all the great side dishes and desserts everyone brought!

Best over all was Mrs. Schlabaugh's Famous Strawberry grown by Rob K. (Tomatoville member Rob.) He also won for largest with what he thinks was a Stump of the World which was over 2lbs.
Sweetest went to Sungold grown by Bill W.
Prettiest went to Sweet Sweetheart Dark grown by Julianna G. (Tomatoville member Sorellina.) She also won for smallest with Petite Moineau, a Quebec heirloom.
Tangiest went to Lemon Drop grown by Tara K.

Here's the link to the party pics.
And here is the link to the tomato photos.

Next year is the big #10!
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Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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