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Made Ketchup last night...what a bloodbath

Made more than I thought the ingredients would make. Used the smaller blender jar.
Slow roasted a tray of tomatoes with lots of garlic and onion. Lots of Mexican dried
chilis in hot water to soften while toms were oven drying.

two different heat levels. One for the kids just using ancho chilis. Maple syrup.
Adult heat level I used guajillo, pula, costeno, ancho, and my home grown Aji.

One sauce I left chunky and added tarragon and lemon juice and zest.

Made a olive caper tapenade with some of the toms. And I'll make a fresh salsa tonight.

Most of the tomatoes were early picking and some not that great. Good way to use them

Good as is but adding any combination to your liking...AC vinegar, cumin, turmeric,
mustard powder, worcestershire, tamari, maple syrup or honey....

Made the mustard 'bears' last week.

Having a casual brunch this Sunday.
Zucchini Flower, green tomato Frittata
Great American Burger, (fresh ground)
Tomato salad, green salad
Corn on the cob
fresh cherry Clafouti (Julia Child recipe) I add dark chocolate chunks
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