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I picked some huge Mitoyos last season and this year they are similar. It’s been incredibly hot and we keep it irrigated and it’s in complete full sun all day long in sandy soil. For me there is no better tasting eggplant but I really only started trying more varieties the last 2-3 years. I am going to ditch Ping Tung next’s producing well but the flavor is just TOO mild for me. It doesn’t really taste like eggplant to me. Has anyone tried Orient Charm? That’s another long one that is supposed to be quite good. We are also growing Rosa Bianca, Listada, and Violetta di Firenza, all excellent so far. We grow partly for a farm stand at our garden center and have been sending the “classic” eggplant to a friend’s deli to basically force people into trying these and we’ve had positive feedback on all of them. I think I’ll try some green ones next season.
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