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Flavour wise Kurume is probably a notch above Mitoyo which was indeed very good, just small. Commercial aspect is more difficult than Ping Tung, they are not straight and lose coloring where slightly bruised. Ping Tung last year was very mild like you say, and also not a great producer, so I dropped it.
My general observation is that white skinned eggplant is milder than green skinned. I classify eggplant in three 'colors': white, green, and green with pattern (combination of dark green with light, like the small thai ones, Cambodian Giant, Bangladesh Long). The last two categories are probably just one. The various coloring on top of that due to anthocyanin does not seem really relevant to taste profile. The typical eggplant from the store for example is green skinned under. Mitoyo and Kurume also. Rosa bianca for example is white.
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