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Originally Posted by Garlic#1 View Post
Thanks Barb

Again, we try to service the higher end restaurants. They are always looking for something new. Unique.

Artisan sold well along with Bronze Torch.

We pick the day of delivery. Nothing held or stored.

Wild Boar
maybe others

Key is to be the newest.
You will get a ton of tomatoes from Brad's Atomic Grape. I've grown it several years but didn't last season or this upcoming season. It is much later than my other cherry tomatoes.

For cherry tomatoes, I'm partial to the Tokita Brand: Sun Series - very sweet, prolific, disease resistant. Particularly: Sun Orange (an improved SunGold that doesn't split), SunChocola, SunGarnet. You might want to consider SunGreen which is super high brix - Johnny's and Parkseed have the newest release 4029. I grew the prior release last season and although excellent, there was a learning curve when to pick. I've started the 4029 now and it is supposed to be less DTM and slightly smaller and easier to know when to pick.

Tomatoes with a lot of Antho just don't taste that good when I've grown them so I stopped.

You might want to consider growing Lucid Gem from Wild Boar.

Originally Posted by bitterwort View Post
I grew Bronze Torch this year too and thought it was great. Try Captain Lucky--it's stunning and great tasting.
I'm growing Captain Lucky for the first time this season. I have only heard great things about this tomato.

ETA - If you want something new, check out KarenO's varieties. She has a thread on this site.

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