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Wow. Didn't realize that Sungarnet are larger than Sunchocola. Are they as productive?

How did you like SunCitron compared to SunLemon? I grew SunLemon this year and was not impressed. The only tomato in my greenhouse to get edema. Was spindly the entire season.

SunGarnets are equally productive as SunChocola. Maybe RJGlew will chime in; we did a lot of these Tokita purchases jointly. He was interested in SG because of it's lower DTM than SunChocola. He has a short season being from Calgary.

My SunLemon plants have always been robust; tomatoes were fine. SunCitron has a much more unique taste than SunLemon. My SunCitron plants were started much later b/c seeds weren't available during the first part of my season. They got powdery mildew but kept on producing a lot and later grew out of it. They had great morning sun so the PM was a surprise. I typically have so much wind where I live that I rarely get any fungal diseases.

Did you get your SunLemon seeds from Osborne?

The first 2 pictures are the Sun Garnets (2 plants grown in an Earthbox). One is a closeup.

The third picture is SunCitron - It is the Earthbox on the left.

The last picture is SunDoice - unfortunately we can't get it in the US; but probably the most productive and perfect of any plant I've ever grown.
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