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Yes. I purchased SunLemon from Osborne. Mine also had powdery mildew in addition to Edema. I also grew SunChocola, SunGreen, SunCherry SunOrange and SunPeach. None of the others had powdery mildew. I'll keep on the watch for SunDoice. I really liked SunOrange. I couldn't decide which I preferred, SunOrange or Toronjina.
Last season I grew the same Sun Series as you, the ones pictured above along with Sun Grape, Golden Cherry (another SunGold type that also doesn't split), TomatoBerry.

Probably SunOrange is my favorite. SunPeach when it is picked at the perfect time is dynamite.

I thought SunGreen was surprising good once I figured out when to pick it. Super Productive but much later than the others. This coming season, I'm going with the newer 4029 release (Johnny's and Parkseed were the only ones that had it when I purchased the seeds). The newer release has shorter DTM and I think is smaller. My SunGreens from last season were large.

Thanks for the tip on Toronjina - I never heard of it before. Off to research.

RE: Toronjina - did you find the skin thick? This is one of the descriptions I found: "Finally an organic rival for the beloved Sungold F1! A medium-sized orange cherry with slightly thicker skin than Sungold F1. Perfect for high tunnels but tends to crack in the field if not harvested regularly".

One of the things I love about the Tokita is the thin skin on all their tomatoes.

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