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I am in Zone 3a with a high elevation (3,428′), hence very cool nights and a short season - our first frost is schedule for tonight... This summer in late July I was not sure I was even going to get any fruit since it had been so cold, but we were saved by a month of really warm weather through August and actually managed a good crop. Here is what I found this year with the very special Tokita cherries I grew.

1. Golden Cherry F1 - much like Sun Gold but bigger fruit and it is a bit sweeter. For the best taste let 6 fruit ripen on a brach before beginning to harvest any. Seeds from Vesey's.
2. Suncherry Pure F1 - is a really good red cherry from Osborne, but perhaps not their best overall red. I need to grow it side by side with the other Tokita Suncherries and Nectar F1 (Park). It is a dark red colour.
3. Suncitron F1 - a really fabulous new offering (Osborne). Lighter yellow coloured round fruit, bigger than SunLemon, and with a much fruitier taste. Blows away Esterina F1 for flavour - Esterina tastes sweet, but watery in comparison.
4. Sundolce F1 - Oh my, what a great tomato this one turned out to be. A lovely grape shape, and sweet, sweet, sweet. And the biggest volume of fruit on any of the cherries I grew, on a huge, strong plant. This one is super impressive in every manner. Everyone who sampled these really liked them. Did I mention sweet? lol.
5. Sungarnet F1 - the biggest surprise of the season for me (Territorial). I wanted to try them but really only hoped it might be good. And boy did it deliver - great rich taste - this was consistently one of the favourites of my neighbours and I really enjoyed it too.
6. Sungold F1 - same old - reliable, and delicious. (seeds from Renee's)
7. Sungrape F1 - Did not do as well for me this year as last (T&M). Unfortunately it had to go up against the really great new kids and so it did not fare that well.
8. Sungreen 4029 F1 - another "oh my" variety for me this year (Park Seeds). 4029 is the newest Sungreen and due to its smaller size ripens earlier than the other ones I have grown (improved & 3014). It had very poor fruit set in our cold spring weather but it really picked up in the warm conditions. The fruit is very sweet, but don't let it over-ripen since it gets soft. Even after growing it for a few years I still find it hard to identify perfectly ripe fruit - crisp & sweet.
9. Sunlemon F1 - is a very robust plant with a big fruit payload (Osborne). I like the flavour, but would certainly suggest that SunCitron is more `fruity.'
10. Sunorange F1 - is a really great tomato too (Osborne). At one point Tokita was contemplating introducing it as "Improved SunGold," but that did not happen. For me it is basically the same as SunGold, but the first fruit are always earlier by at least a week, and they are a bit bigger than SG in mid season. It is so dry here that Sungold does not crack, but I understand SO is pretty crack resistant in wetter climates.
11. Sunpeach F1 - This one is as early as SunOrange, and produces very beautiful fruit on strong plants. For me certainly not the `best' tasting Tokita, but for some reason I always gravitate to it when I am snacking in the garden. Based on what Barb said perhaps I am picking it too soon.

I won't attempt to rank them, but the stars for me this year were SunDolce, SunCitron and SunGarnet.

Next year I'll do a grow off between Suncherry Extra Sweet F1 FT (S&S), Suncherry Pure (TSX-103) (Osborne), Suncherry RB F1 FT (S&S) and Nectar F1 (Park). I'm also hoping I can find some of the Tokita Sun Zebra series since they look really great.

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