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I grew Sungreen Improved from Osborne. I thought it was the same as 4029, but maybe not. It was still large and very difficult to tell when ripe. The biggest issue for me is the short 'flavor window'. I would NEVER AGAIN grow these for restaurant sales. If I waited for them to ripen (not overripe) enough to have the sweet flavor, then they would still split after picking if they had recently received water.
If I pick them one day too early then the flavor is not there at all. It's pretty amazing how quickly it changes. I don't want the hassle to need to 'train' my chefs to work with this one variety.

I grew Toronjina in my greenhouse. It did not have thick skin. I thought it was perfect. Not too thick and not thin enough to cause splitting. The flavor seemed to improve over the course of the season whereas SunOrange remained consistent over the season. Both were equally productive for me. I grew 6 plants of each in the same bed.
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