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Originally Posted by decherdt View Post
I thought I saw you kicking the tires on a Mantis or some such tiller. Did you retire your S&J fork?
I went with a winter killed Sudex cover last Fall and this Spring the worms loved it. I did have to time my Spring planting before or well after any rains.
Previous years, with live rye cover as mulch, it soaked up so much of any rain it got, it left the soil workable most days.
Of course dealing with rye live through the Spring is extra work and I have traded in my grass shears for a propane weed burner to tame it.
Burning it is easier, but trickier

LOL After having both knees replaced 3 years ago I decided the tiller was the way to go.That 4 cycle Honda engine really does the job.I still have the fork,it needed a rest too.:lol

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