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Originally Posted by JRinPA View Post
You always get yours in nice and early. I only have one bed finished that I got daikon on, and it is coming in nicely. The rest I have replanted with beets/cole crops or still finishing up. Maybe I push everything too late.

I tried a fall green manure mix one year that had hairy vetch, peas, probably buckwheat. Bought by 1/4 pound...I felt I got ripped off with the peas in there!
It's growing very nicely,I have been making sure it gets watered.Have to do that today.I think the buckwheat is growing faster than all the other crops that are planted with them.I'm sorry to say I did not get those pole beans planted last spring as I ran out of space,but will try again in the spring as I hope to change things on how many tomatoes I plant.Every year I say less tomato plants but always plant more than I need.
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