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I got some Good Luck as we passed a Farmer's Market with Big Rutabaga on display here in Hampton after the New Year before these Storms. We grow the same Vegetables they have on display each year. But, this was my first Time stopping as these were the Biggest Rutabagas just like the description passed down from my Ancestors that was fed to them by the good people in Canada. I asked my husband to stop, as he took his foot off the gas just in time; as we almost brought up all this Crop of Large Rutabagas. My research shows that Canadians considered rutabaga as a winter vegetable, as they are able to be kept in very cold weather for several months. But we just eat the last one, because it was not going to last for another month.

I need the Historic Seeds from Canada to see if they can last for months after being cut and stored inside. My Ancestors eat these very large Rutabagas too here in front of Forth Monroe, so I need the pure Seeds.

I used them in my soups last week and many side dishes. But the People in Canada used them in their Christmas Cakes and Regular Cooking.

Do The Large Rutabagas come from Native Americans too?
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