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NewWestGardener, I think it's not surprising that there are male and female blossoms on some of the F2. I think though that if you grow out as many seeds as you can, and save from the ones that express the gynoecious trait the most, you may get a stable all female variety eventually, or mostly female.
I'm pretty sure that one of the parthenocarpics I grew, that had some male blossoms, was supposed to be all female, so it would be an environmental factor that caused male blossoms in spite of that. It isn't the kind of trait that is 100%.
As for the parthenocarpy you'll see if the fruit are mostly seedless or not - or if pollinators are excluded, I guess the non-parthenocarpics wouldn't set any fruit.
I think it's a great project to grow out those Picolino seeds.
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