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Cecelia et al,

I just planted my peppers and eggplant this morning. I will plant tomatoes tonight. How exciting!

Speedy Seedlings:

The way I am planning on speeding things up is with soil. In past years I have used fine peat for seed starter. This year I am using miracle grow seed starting soil. Also, when I switch to 16 oz cups I am using my own soil concoction instead of miracle grow potting soil. Last year I noticed a big difference in the timing of plants grown these two different ways.

Martha Stewart:

Last year I was wandering around a trailer park minding my own business and someone with a mask pulls a gun on me and asks for my wallet. Now I am no neophyte to fashion and I could tell immediatley from the sublime combination of business like yet cutting edge fashion that this was none other than Martha Stewart. At first I wanted to ask for an autograph but I didn't want to scare her so I just said nothing.

Later on that week I began to feel differently, kind of like I had been used. Now when I watch her show its not the same. I am thinking about starting a self help group for others like me.

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